Writers Guidelines

Do you have a story to tell? Please read our writer’s guidelines below.

We publish about 50 stories per year, and pay $20 upon publication. This could be as long as a year later.

Submit a Story

We can reply to emailed stories within a week. Unfortunately we do not have staff time to reply to stories that are mailed in. We do read them all. We prefer emailed stories, but handwritten or typed stories have as good a chance of being published. Stories sent by regular mail should be typed in a plain type face or neatly written. Please send them to:

  • Easy English NEWS
  • 2100 McComas Way
  • Suite 607
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23456


We Publish

We publish stories that:

  • Are true first-person stories: that is, something that happened to the writer. It should be the original work of a reader of Easy English NEWS
  • Are of interest to our readers–all newcomers to the U.S.
  • Are 100-300 words in length
  • Are not very similar to something we have published before

The stories do not have to have perfect grammar, but should be the writer's best effort. That is, a teacher should not have every student in the class send me their first drafts hoping I will comment on them and correct them.

We will cut, rearrange, edit and correct grammar to make the story understandable to our readers and fit the space. In some cases, we may change vocabulary to words that won't need word help. We may change the title to create more interest.

We are looking for stories about one event or incident, with details: the story can be about and interesting incident while traveling to the U. S.; a shocking experience, a problem with English, culture shock, looking for or getting a job, misunderstandings, fears, embarrassments, danger, etc., that our readers can relate to or learn from. Our readers enjoy reading about others' surprises about American culture, hard jobs, visiting an American place of interest, joining a club, and so forth. It's also good to learn a lesson from others' bad experiences getting cheated, scammed, arrested, robbed, or fired, so they can avoid such bad fortune.

We DO NOT Publish

We do not publish:

  • Students opinion, or essays
  • Stories of incidents in the native country that have no relevance to immigrant's experience here. Exceptions: experiences of war, earthquakes, separations, etc.
  • Stories written for some other purpose that don't fit our guidelines.

We don't have a need for stories of the type that cover two or three years such as: "I came to the U.S. and didn't speak English. It was terrible. I was lost and confused. Finally someone helped me. Now I speak English and have many friends." These are wonderful stories, but we have published many of them, and they all seem similar. Read the stories we publish for several months to get a better idea of what we are looking for.

Teachers: Please explain to your students: We receive hundreds of stories per year. We can't publish them all. It is not a reflection on their story that we don't choose it. We only acknowledge those stories that reach us by e-mail, although mailed in stories might also be chosen for publication. We just don't have the staff to correspond with writers. Sometimes a story gets separated from the address of the writer. So if a student sees his or her story in the paper, and didn't get a letter from us with a check for $20, please have them email, write or call us at 888 296 1090 with their story name, their name, and full address.

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