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Classroom Teacher’s ESL Survival Kit # 2

Eardley Publications


Recommended for Ages: Grades 3 through 12

Recommended for English Level: High beginner and low-intermediate ESL students

ISBN: 978-0-132999876-5

Illustrations: Joe Frazier

Pages: 224


ESL Survival Kit # 2 contains 170 reproducible, self-checking content area activities

  • For use in mainstream or ESL classrooms
  • With high beginner and low-intermediate ESL students, grades 3 through 12
  • Well-illustrated, comprehensible content area activities with simple instructions allow students to work independently
  • ESL Math activities prepare English language learners with the basic language needed for math in grades 3 to 8

ESL Science activities provide simple plant, animal and weather concepts as well as vocabulary-building activities.



Reading activities include Aesop's stories with cloze exercises, language-extension activities, word searches and crossword puzzles.


Practice with vocabulary for:

  • Numbers
  • Decimals and fractions
  • Word problems
  • U.S. coins
  • Time
  • Shapes
  • Geometrical terms
  • Measuring terms for temperature, distance, weight, and liquids


Social studies materials help newcomers to:

  • Locate the U.S. on a map of North America
  • Learn names and locations of the 50 states
  • Learn major geographical features of the U.S.
  • Learn basic facts about:
    • The population
    • The capital
    • The president
    • Elections
    • Congress
  • Symbols of the United States
  • Important facts of early U.S. history
  • Facts about our form of government
  • Provides a basic awareness of democratic concepts