American Manners and Customs

Eardley Publications

American Manners and Customs is an anthology of 22 easy-to-read "Culture Corner" articles from our newspaper for newcomers, Easy English NEWS.

American Manners and Customs is for intermediate ESL students and up, including:

  • Middle school ESL students
  • High school ESL students
  • Adult ESL students


American Manners and Customs

  • Enhances social interactions
  • Helps newcomers avoid embarrassments
  • Explains culture
  • Builds ESL vocabulary
  • Perfect for ESL conversation practice



Manners for introductions–formal and informal

  • Manners for making a good first impression
  • Manners in shaking hands
  • Understanding American body language


Table manners

  • Manners when eating out
  • Manners for standing in line
  • Manners around doors


Manners on the road

  • Manners for hygiene
  • Telephone manners
  • Manners for coughs and sneezing
  • Manners for gift-giving and receiving


Teacher Aids

Teacher aids! Each chapter contains:

  • New vocabulary glossed right at the bottom of each page
  • Comprehension questions
  • Discussion activities
  • Word practice activities
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