American Manners and Customs 3

Eardley Publications

All three of American Manners and Customs books by Elizabeth Claire are for adult and young adult newcomers or visitors to the United States.

Twenty 2-page chapters are written at an intermediate to high intermediate level. American Manners and Customs is slightly more difficult than American Manners and Customs-2. Difficult words are explained in simple English in a Word Help section at the back of the book. Each chapter has two pages of open ended questions to use in your classroom or to discuss with your friends. Self-checking activities will help learners to increase their vocabulary.

  • Are you a newcomer to the United States?
  • Do American customs confuse you?
  • Do you want to know what's going on?
  • Do you wonder what to say?

You need Elizabeth Claire's American Manners and Customs-3, A Guide for Newcomers



  • Manners and Customs about Time
  • The Calendar
  • Customs with Numbers
  • Measuring in the U.S.
  • Money
  • Scams!
  • Garage Sales and Flea Markets
  • American Food
  • Eating in a Restaurant
  • Americans and Alcohol
  • Retiring in the U.S.
  • Religion in the U.S.
  • Preparing for the End in the U.S.
  • Manners and Customs at a Funeral
  • Superstitions
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