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ESL Phonics for All Ages, Book Three: Consonant Clusters

Eardley Publications


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Recommended for Ages: 7 years old to adult

Recommended for English Level: Pre-literate Beginning to Advanced

ISBN: 978-0-937630-15-0


This third book in the series presents beginning and ending consonant clusters.

The first unit presents the consonant clusters bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, and sl. Each presentation page has eight illustrated words beginning with a consonant cluster, such as bl. After three pages of different beginning clusters are presented, a challenge page asks students to discriminate among the three clusters. They write the two letters that begin words that are clued by a picture.

Following the pages of double-letter consonant clusters, the three-letter clusters are presented and contrasted. Finally, ending consonant clusters are presented and contrasted. Students see and hear the words in simple sentences in illustrated contexts. Common verbs, and common sight words are presented in these sentences.

Each unit contains a whole-language reading selection, based on a short memorized song, chant, poem, or conversation.