ESL Phonics for All Ages, Book Two: Ending Consonants

Eardley Publications

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This second book recycles many of the words presented in Book One, allowing for greater speed and recognition, and the "ah hah! I know it!" phenomenon to reinforce the motivation.

The first unit presents the ending consonant s as used in plurals of words, giving practice with all three plural ending sounds: /s/; /z/; and /iz/. This practice is important especially for students who speak languages that do not have plurals, or that express plurality in different ways. They learn to listen for the presence or absence of the plural ending on words.

Students then see and hear the words in illustrated contexts, with common sentence patterns. Common verbs, and common sight words are presented in these sentences. The sentence patterns are repeated.

Each unit contains a whole language reading selection, based on a short memorized song, chant, poem, or conversation.

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ISBN: 978-0-937630-14-3

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