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ESL Phonics for All Ages, Book Five Audio CDs

Eardley Publications

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Recommended for Ages: 7 years old to adult

Recommended for English Level: Pre-literate Beginning to Advanced

ISBN: 978-0-937630-30-6


This fifth book in the series introduces short vowel sounds and r influenced vowels.

These sounds are the most difficult for newcomers to distinguish, and thus have been delayed until students have been listening to English for a period of time. Many of the words are recycled from earlier books, where the focus was on the consonants, so the students will have heard and seen the full spellings of the words before. Now students are ready to distinguish the vowel sounds.

The vowel sounds are presented in an order of difficulty, and contrasted with vowel sounds of greatest contrast. The letter o, spelling the sound /ah/ is presented first, and then contrasted with words containing the letter i, and the short i sound.

Students then see and hear the words in illustrated contexts, with common sentence patterns. Common verbs, and common sight words are presented in these sentences.

Each unit contains a whole language reading selection, based on a short memorized song, chant, poem, or conversation.