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More Gun Control? Pros and Cons

Eardley Publications

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More Gun Control? Pros and Cons

Extra content to go with the article "Can Schools Be Safe?" from Easy English NEWS, April 2018. 

More Gun Control? Pros and Cons includes:

I. Facts about guns

  • Numbers of gun owners and guns in the U.S.
  • Gun violence and its costs
  • Where do the guns come from?

II. Gun laws in the U.S.

  • The Second Amendment
  • Today's laws about guns
  • Why is it hard to make laws about guns?

III. The Arguments

  • PRO: We need MORE gun control
  • CON: We need LESS gun control

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
elizabeth c.
Two sides of the story

Two sides of the story well presented in simple fashion.

Sandra M.
Great topic to bring up

This article about gun control is well written and perfect for my advanced level ESL students. They love to discuss provocative issues.

Nancy J.
More Gun Control

More Gun Control needs to be taught in all schools. It is awesome.

Claire L.
I’ve not yet read it.

I’ve not yet read it. But the other publications you provide are very helpful and interesting so I assume that this one will be as well. The students like very much the easy news and the quizzes that follow.

Casia H.
All articles

All very informative. Students love it.