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Dangerous English in a Changing World

Eardley Publications

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Recommended for Ages: 18 years old and up

Recommended for English Level: Intermediate ESL levels and up

ISBN: 978-0-937630-62-4


ESL expert Elizabeth Claire explains:

  • The safest way to talk about sex and bathroom functions in the doctor's office
  • Pronunciation problems that turn ordinary words into dangerous words
  • Six social levels of language for body parts and functions:
    • Formal, informal, slang, vulgar, children's words, and euphemisms
  • New taboos in English: Terms that were safe a few years ago are now offensive
  • "Politically correct" terms for people, genders, occupations, races, and nationalities
  • Dangerous body language and gestures to understand and avoid.



Please note: Dangerous English in a Changing World is for adults. Discussion of these interesting words with students under the age of 18 is not advised! However, the text is suitable for self-study and it's safe to use this text with care in college and adult Ed ESL classes. They’ll appreciate it! Teacher’s tips for classroom use are included.

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Based on 1 review
The best book

I have bought some books written by Elizabeth Claire, also I am subscribed to the newspapers. All of them are excellent.