Classroom Teacher’s ESL Survival Kit # 1

Eardley Publications

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A completely reproducible resource that provides insight, strategies, and materials for working with beginning ESL students in a mainstream class, in grades 1 to 8

It's also a unique ESL training manual for ESL teachers who want to provide in-service courses for mainstream teachers.

Recommended for Ages: Grades 1 to 8

Recommended for English Level: Entry level and beginning students

ISBN: 978-0937630-40-2

Illustrations: Joe Frazier

Pages: 224

Section One:

  • Helps the classroom teacher understand the obstacles facing the not-yet-English speaking newcomers in her class, with suggestions for providing a fully-challenging academic day for them, even when they can't yet understand what's going on.
  • It’s "the Reader's Digest version" of ESL insights, recognizing the limitations and pressures on a< mainstream teacher's time and schedule.
  • It's written in non-technical language, with the emphasis on practical ideas for mixed classes.

We explain:

  • Culture shock, its symptoms, effects, and cures
  • The many stages that English language learners go through in learning to understand, read, write and speak a new language.

There are step-by-step instructions for

  • Tapping the energies of mainstream classmates,
  • Motivating and guiding peer instruction
  • Helping newcomers to make friends and maintain self-esteem during the long period of academic adjustment.

Section Two:

  • Reproducible diagnostic tests
  • Student observation forms
  • Student "self-management" forms

These give the classroom teacher tools for measuring and evaluating new arrivals, a resource for producing anecdotal reports on report cards, and data for parent conferences.

The "self-management" form is a motivating device allowing the ESL student and the busy mainstream teacher to see at a glance the quantity and quality of work the ESL student is accomplishing.

Section Three:

120 reproducible activities for entry-level and beginning ESL students in grades 2 to 8:

  • Meaningful activities
  • Requiring a minimum of explanation
  • Stimulating a maximum productive work

These activities can be done independently by the newcomer and are easily checked by an English-speaking peer.

The 6 full-page pictures of common classroom scenes have many uses, including conversation starters and vocabulary builders.

A 12-page reproducible "Welcome Booklet" helps new students understand basic "survival English" in the mainstream classroom.

There are reproducible pages for:

  • Alphabet manipulatives
  • Cut-and-paste activities
  • Vocabulary activities for classrooms
    • Art class
    • Science class
    • Music class
  • Animal riddles
  • Simple stories with extension activities
  • Get-acquainted activities
  • Math vocabulary activities
    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Telling time
  • Social studies activities
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