Classroom Teacher's ESL Survival Kits

by Elizabeth Claire and Judie Haynes


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Survival Kit # 1
Survival Kit # 2

ESL Survival Kit # 1

    This resource will be a lifesaver for the classroom teacher who needs insight, strategies, and materials for working with the beginning ESL students in her class. It's a unique training manual for ESL teachers who need to provide inservice courses for mainstream teachers, too.

     Section One: 78 pages of "the "Reader's Digest version of ESL insights" help the classroom teacher understand the obstacles facing the not-yet-English speaking newcomers in her class, with suggestions for providing a fully-challenging academic day for them, even when they can't yet understand what's going on. We know that mainstream teachers' time is limited and their schedules are stretched. Classroom Teacher's ESL Survival Kit # 1 is in easy-to-read, non-technical language, with the emphasis on practical ideas for mixed classes. We explain culture shock and the many stages that ESL students go through in learning to understand, read, write and speak a new language. There are step-by-step instructions for tapping the energies of mainstream classmates, guiding peer instruction and helping newcomers make friends and maintain self-esteem during the long period of academic adjustment.

     Section Two: 10 pages of reproducible diagnostic tests, student observation forms, and student "self-management" forms. These give the classroom teacher tools for measuring and evaluating new arrivals, a resource for producing anecdotal reports on report cards, and data for parent conferences. The "self-management" form is a motivating device allowing the ESL student and the busy mainstream teacher to see at a glance the quantity and quality of work the ESL student is accomplishing.

     Section Three: 120 reproducible activities for entry-level and beginning ESL students in grades 2 to 8. These are meaningful activities that require a minimum of explanation, but stimulate a maximum of productive work. These activities can be done independently by the newcomer and are easily checked by an English-speaking peer. The six full-page pictures of common classroom scenes have many uses, including conversation starters and vocabulary builders. A 12-page "Welcome Booklet" helps new students understand basic "survival English" in the mainstream classroom. There are reproducibles for: alphabet manipulatives with cut-and-paste activities, vocabulary activities for classroom, art class, science class, and music class; animal riddles; simple stories with extension activities; get-acquainted activities; math vocabulary activities, and social studies activities.

208 Pages.

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Survival Kit # 2

     ESL Survival Kit # 2 contains 170 reproducible, self-checking content area activities for use in mainstream or ESL classrooms, with low-intermediate ESL students, grades 3 to 12. Well-illustrated, comprehensible activities with simple instructions allow students to work on their own. Math activities prepare ESL students with the basic language needed for math in grades 3 to 8. There is practice with vocabulary for numbers, decimals and fractions, word problems, U.S. coins, time, shapes, geometrical terms, and measuring terms for temperature, distance, weight, and liquids. The science section provides plant, animal and weather concepts as well as vocabulary-building activities. The social studies materials help newcomers to locate the U.S. on a world map, become familiar with names and locations of the 50 states, learn major geographical features of the U.S. and basic facts about the population, the capital, the president, elections, congress, and symbols of the United States. Each of the most important facts of early U.S. history and our form of government is illustrated to provide a basic awareness of democratic concepts. Also: Aesop's stories with language extension activities, word searches and crossword puzzles.

214 pages.

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