ESL Phonics for All Ages Teacher’s Guides for Books One, Two, and Three

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By Marilyn Rosenthal, PhD

It's so easy to use the ESL phonics books . . . we almost didn't create a Teacher's Guide!

But for teachers who are working with full classes of non-readers all at the same level, there's a lot you can do to supplement the acquisition of systematic phonics awareness. Dr. Marilyn Rosenthal is an expert in linguistics and teacher training, and has produced an excellent guide for the first three books.

The Teacher's Guide will point out how the phonics needs of English language learners differ from the phonics needs of native English speakers If you need to justify that to your administration, in case they are pressing you to use materials more appropriate for mainstream students.

Each unit gives tips on pronunciation practice for the sound/symbol introduced, vocabulary tips, and lists of verbs and adjectives using the sound (the student books picture nouns only).

Reproducible Answer Pages that come with the Teacher's Guide allow students to work at their own pace in the student books with the Audio CDs, correct their own work. The Guide gives tips for setting up, keeping track, and encouraging students.

The Teacher's Guide is presented for you in a 3-ring binder so pages will lie flat. You can easily remove the answer pages to photocopy them.

Recommended for Ages: 7 years old to adult

Recommended for English Level: Pre-literate Beginning to Advanced

ISBN: 978-0-937630-22-8

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