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The Fundy Spirit

The Fundy Spirit is a 130-year-old sea captain's home on the beautiful Bay of Fundy in St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada. Now it's an artists', writers', and ESL teachers' retreat!


  • Great views
  • A marvelous cobble beach
  • The highest tides in the world
  • Sea caves
  • Natural air conditioning
  • Delicious wild rose and pine tree breezes.

Step back into a time where everything slows down and relaxing is allowed. St. Martins, New Brunswick is the world's best kept secret, a pure paradise from July through September. Come work/vacation in the sweet-smelling air, with outdoor fun, and blessed tranquility.

The Fundy Spirit is available for daytime services for writers working on an ESL textbook or the great American (or Canadian or whatever) novel. I am also available for informal teacher training and tours by car or bike or hike, of the local beaches and wonders of nature.

Bring your own laptop, but printer, internet connection, scanner and editorial services are on site.

Local Bed and Breakfast establishments will be glad to make you feel at home. Many people come up in motor homes to park in one of the camp grounds. Summer temperatures are 20 degrees cooler than New York City. The Bay of Fundy supplies natural air conditioning. If you are vacationing this summer in the Northeast, go beyond the Maine border, cross into New Brunswick, Canada (passport needed) at Calais/St. Stephen.

About St. Martins

St. Martins, NB is a tiny village right on the Bay of Fundy, 26 miles north and east of Saint John, with a permanent population of about 450 people, summer population of 2,000 and nicely isolated from "the real world". You'd never know it was once one of the largest shipbuilding centers on the East Coast. – until you visit the Quaco Museum, or watch the movie at the visitors center in The Fundy Trail.


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