Easy English NEWS Uses Simple English to Explain the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

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Virginia Beach, VA (PRWEB) January 22, 2014

The February edition of this newspaper for immigrants devotes its main article to the upcoming Winter Olympics. Written with short sentences and illustrated with many photos, Easy English NEWS prepares English language learners to understand the Olympics and be able to join in the conversations Americans will be having in just a few weeks.

By getting information in language they can understand, newcomers are prepared to root for and talk about Team USA at the Winter Olympic Games.

Although many immigrants are familiar with this world event, when they want to talk to their American friends about it, they need to learn some new words: What is the half pipe? A biathlon? Nordic skiing? Curling? Luge? What new sports are now in the Olympics? Who are some of the Americans on Team USA?

A sidebar explains the threats to Sochi from terrorists and the extensive security measures that are being taken. Vladimir Putin's pride in the Russian Olympics and his concerns for security are noted. Other fun facts are Sochi's temperature, averaging 50 degrees in winter, required snow-making machinery to make mountains of snow prior to the Olympics.

Photos of key members of Team USA prepare readers for cheering on American favorites such as speed skater, Shani Davis, Nordic skiier Mikaela Shiffron, and skate dancers Marissa Castelli and her partner Simon Shnapir.

By getting information in language they can understand, newcomers to the U.S. are able to absorb information, and prepare to root for their American team at the Olympics. They are empowered in conversations about the events in the Olympics and the achievements of the athletes.

With a master's degree in English as a second language, and 30 years of classroom and teacher training experience, Elizabeth Claire has won the prestigious Mensa Education and Research Foundation's Intellectual Contribution to Society Award.

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