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Denville, NJ (PRWEB) June 28, 2011

Dr. Majid Ali, the author of dozens of medical books, including Oxygen and Aging, Life Span Nutrition, Rats, Drugs, and Assumptions, and Healing Miracles, agreed to have Elizabeth Claire, publisher of Easy English NEWS extract topics from his writings, radio talks and DVDs and rewrite them to a level that can be grasped by English language learners in high school and adult ESL classes across the country.

Dr. Ali, well-known in the New York Metropolitan area for the Institute of Integrative Medicine and his radio show on WBAI has taught at Columbia University Medical School, was head pathologist at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, New Jersey for 20 years and is a former president of the College of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C.. Dr. Ali is a strong advocate for environmental, exercise and nutritional changes in the treatment and amelioration of degenerative diseases. He has practices in both Manhattan and Denville, New Jersey.

“The rewrites are tricky,” says Claire. “First, I have to totally understand Dr. Ali’s points. Dr. Ali's writings on the molecular interactions within human cells are profound. He tells how each substance we either ingest, breathe, or absorb interacts favorably or unfavorably with the body’s own chemistry. He writes for educated readers about these metabolic issues."

Claire's readers, on the other hand, are recent arrivals in the United States and have only a basic grasp of English. They need practical health suggestions they can use immediately. Claire selects a topic that can be developed in a 400-word article, using vocabulary and sentence structures that new speakers of English can grasp. Each article is then submitted back to Dr. Ali for scrutiny.

Claire's readers are recent arrivals in the United States and have only a basic grasp of English. They need practical health suggestions they can use immediately.

“Five years ago, I was diagnosed with stage three cervical cancer," says Claire. "After surgery, I wanted a safe and effective alternative to my undergoing radiation." She had researched the side effects of radiation, and preferred to try Dr. Majid Ali’s carefully-prescribed dietary, breathing, exercise, and supplements regimen. "I owe each day of my excellent health and energy for the past five years to following his suggestions," Claire adds. Dr. Ali's techniques and methods of treatment for his patients follow the Hippocratic oath of “First, do no harm,” which is sometimes neglected by large drug companies today.

“"For a long time," says Claire, "I had wanted to have a practical health column fornewcomers in Easy English NEWS. I suggested collaboration with Dr. Ali, and he agreed. Dr. Majid Ali is greatly concerned with the health of all people, not only his own patients, and generously gives his time to that effort.

“Dr. Ali supplies the raw materials: books, DVDs, and conversations," says Claire. “I select, organize, simplify, and illustrate. My specialty is turning complex sentences into bite-size sentences with simple grammar. I provide a background, and then include definitions of those words that are beyond an intermediate ESL student’s grasp.”

Recent reader feedback indicates that the “Your Health” articles by Dr. Ali are favorites with the adult readers of Easy English NEWS.

Dr. Ali’s approach combines traditional western medicine with eastern medicine, alternative medicine, plus his own and the patient’s intuition. His philosophy, in general, is that each person must take responsibility for being his or her own personal physician...gathering facts, making observations, consulting doctors for tests and diagnoses....not always buying into the diagnosis, and not always opting for drugs that cover up symptoms.

"In the case of degenerative disease," says Dr. Ali, "when you rid the body of toxins, choose food wisely, breathe correctly, over hydrate in the morning, exercise well, and sleep sufficiently, the body will reward you by realigning itself to a former state of good health, or to a state of health you may never have experienced before. Results may be slower than those obtained by a drug, but the results will come, and the best part is that there are no unpleasant or dangerous side effects.”

You can learn more about Dr. Majid Ali's work at his website: majidali.com

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