Elizabeth Claire, Inc. Moves To Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach, VA (PRWEB) June 20, 2011

“It’s a step up," says Claire, "and like any small business in today’s economy, there are risks to opening a new office with new expenses, and new staff to train.”

Claire founded Eardley Publications company in 1980 with the publication of her first book, Dangerous English. At that time, a computer, the kitchen table, and a post office box served the business while Claire worked full time at her day job, teaching English to Japanese and Korean newcomers in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Twenty-six books later, and the publication for the past sixteen years of Easy English NEWS, a monthly newspaper for immigrants, the business expanded, incorporated as Elizabeth Claire, Inc., and filled the bedrooms and basement with desks, printers, computers, files, and thousands of stored books and waist high stacks of newspapers. There wasn't much room left for Claire.

Claire moved to Virginia Beach four years ago, but with the help of trusted employees, managed to keep running the business which stayed behind in New Jersey. The magic of telecommuting made it possible for Claire to stay in contact via telephone, emails, faxes, the post office, UPS, and programs such as GOTOMYPC and Cross Loop.

Claire has been writing Easy English NEWS in Virginia Beach, sending its camera-ready copy via email each month to JB Offset printers in Norwood New Jersey, where the finished papers are picked up by Metropolitan Flyers in Westwood, NJ for packing. Customer service was part time, originating in Saddle Brook, NJ. Every few months Claire made the eight-hour drive up to New Jersey.

“We've expanded customer service hours; they're now 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. five days a week. And at last I can bicycle to the office daily, if I want to, instead of driving to New Jersey,” says Claire. “It’s energizing to able to speak with the teachers and other customers when they call in to the office,” she adds. “Hearing their comments and appreciation first hand gives me the inspiration to give 100%.”

Claire has a Masters Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from New York University, and has taught English to newcomers for 35 years. She left full-time teaching in 1987 to concentrate on writing textbooks and teacher resource books. She and Mariko Sasaki, director of JBC Language in Fort Lee, New Jersey founded Easy English NEWS in 1996. From its humble beginnings as a free Bergen County giveaway, the monthly newspaper is now sold by subscription to thousands of ESL classes in high schools, adult schools and community colleges across the country. More than four and a half million copies have been sold to date. Easy English NEWS is marketed mainly by free samples, teacher conferences, and word of mouth. A sample of the 11 x 17 Easy English NEWS is available for print out in a smaller format at Claire's website, Elizabethclaire.com.

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