November 2016 Easy English NEWS Monthly Teacher's Guide and Quiz

Oct 17, 2016 - 0 comments

I resist writing about sad happenings in a classroom newspaper designed to teach reading skills, survival skills, U.S. civics, health, and vocabulary. However, there is a monstrous epidemic of preventable deaths that isn’t being covered by the news. The media is fixated on the drama of election, terrorism, and that’s fine; politicians like it that way, it increases their power over our lives, and increases budgets for military and police forces, and we all need to be alert. But a whole generation is at risk and not enough is being done about it. Sixty Americans die every day from drug overdoses. The trillions of dollars spent on airport security, police, FBI enhancement may have saved a few hundred lives, and may prevent much more from possible terrorist attacks. But how much is being spent and how much attention is given to our youth dying in droves? 

Elizabeth Claire


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