May 2018 Easy English NEWS Monthly Teacher's Guide and Quizzes

Apr 25, 2018 - 0 comments

Is this your last issue for the year? If so, have a great summer! Our June issue will have June holidays, plus the 4th of July. 

Teachers walk out! (pages 1 and 9)

As a teacher, you'll be able to give your own insights into the teacher strikes, what a teacher’s job entails, and the job requirements. Sadly, many "born teachers" who should be in our schools can't all afford to take the low salary. 

Objectives: Students will be able to describe conditions that led to teacher strikes in four or more states (we don't know if more will strike after we go to press.) They will be able to tell what teachers are asking for in various states. Students will gain an appreciation for the profession, and thank their teachers for what they do.


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