April 2020 Easy English NEWS Monthly Teacher's Guide and Quiz

Mar 23, 2020 - 3 comments

April is usually a fun time. But sadly, the news all around us creates anxiety...What will happen next? Schools, jobs, shopping, health all affected by COVID-19, and in unpredictable ways. We all need to make plans in case of ...? What if? And help students get the vocabulary they need to understand what's happening with coronavirus/COVID-19, what the government is doing, how to prevent it, how to weather it without infecting elderly or immune-compromised others.


Comments (3)

Patricia Reaves on May 07, 2020

I want to thank you for an awesome newspaper, and helping us teachers with teaching our ELL population online. I run an ELL Tutorial class and the students get grades. I know that they are learning interdisciplinary and current event vocabulary and content. I love the videos and supports to the newspaper you offer. Many thanks for a terrific product for my high school age students.

Kunga on May 07, 2020

I like this newspaper to Learni English better

Phuong Nguyen on May 07, 2020

Coronavirus are very dangerous for everyone, they are easy translate from sick people to healthy people very fast. so people must be stay in home usually wash their hand, use masked then get cough or go out side. We should be limit to go out and careful in this situation.

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