February 2016 Easy English NEWS Monthly Teacher's Guide and Quiz

Jan 22, 2016 - 0 comments

Welcome to the hot month of February. If it isn’t hot outside, at least it’s hot in the primary states this month. On page 6, I’ve included a time chart of events that will happen in the year before a new president takes office. There’ll be articles in future issues of EEN on conservative vs. liberal ideas; political parties; issues; conventions; the party nominees; third parties; election day; and the electoral college process.

Many new workers in the country do not realize that they might be entitled to a tax refund. If your students have jobs, mention that in February, they may get a W-2 form to show how much they earned in 2015, and how much tax was taken out. Next month, we’ll have one of the simpler tax forms for students to practice with.

Elizabeth Claire


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