October 2013 Monthly Teacher's Guide

Oct 07, 2013 - 0 comments

I didn’t put the troubles in Syria on our front page, for a variety of reasons. The facts aren’t all out, Congress had just started to debate but hadn’t voted on whether to strike at the Assad regime in Syria when we went to press. News will change rapidly on this story. I tucked a map of Syria on page 10 and a few facts without going into depth. At least the students should know where Syria is.

On the other hand, adult students and their families have to understand the new Affordable Health Care law as it applies to them. I’ve divided the information on Obamacare into a series of three parts, so by December, students will have enough vocabulary to assure that they can ask their advisors good questions, comply with the law, avoid scams, and get subsidies if entitled. High school students may be the informants for their parents, so the article is for them, too.


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