September 2012 Monthly Teacher's Guide

Sep 03, 2012 - 0 comments

Welcome back to a new school year, a new set of students, and renewed energy. Easy English NEWS is now in its 18th year! Since last June, we’ve won two exciting awards: The New Jersey TESOL/ BE President’s Award, and the Mensa Education and Research Foundation Intellectual Benefit to Society Award. I’m blown away! Whuh hoo!

If you are a new subscriber, be sure to take advantage of the numerous teacher aids available. In addition to this monthly Teacher’s Guide and quizzes, at my website you’ll find six cloze exercises for each issue as well as a “which-worddoes-not-belong” quiz, and a short answer quiz. If you didn’t get our 24-page booklet “How To Use Easy English NEWS in your ESL Classroom” you can download that free, as well.


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