January 2012 Monthly Teacher's Guide

Jan 02, 2012 - 0 comments

Happy New Year! May all your resolutions be kept and bring great results. January is often a time that new students arrive, so one of the advantages of Easy English NEWS is that it is new each month, and the new students don’t have a sense of “coming in in the middle.” I choose difficult words to define in Word Help as though there were new students each month.

If you’re a new subscriber to Easy English NEWS, be sure to check out the additional tests at my Website each month: elizabethclaire.com. (Then search “cloze”.) There are six cloze tests based on the month’s articles, and one “Odd Man Out” (Which word does not belong?) vocabulary test. I don’t print answers as the cloze tests can be checked by referring to the newspaper, and the Odd Man Out may have more than one answer. The point in the Odd Man Out tests is to stimulate thinking and speaking skills. The student should be able to tell why the word he or she has circled doesn’t go with the other three words.


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