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Apr 17, 2012 - 0 comments

I had a super time at the International TESOL Conference in Philadelphia March 29-31. Where else can you have conversations in the space of a two days with ESL/EFL teachers from Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Madagascar, Morocco, Syria, Japan, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Khazakstan, Romania, and Burkina Faso? (I didn't know such a country even existed, much less had EFL teachers. It's in Africa, squished between Cote d'ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Niger, and Mali.) What an opportunity to find out a teacher's viewpoint of what is happening around the world instead of hearing it slanted through the news media. I just thirsted for the opportunity of knowing others and getting some feedback about their situations, cultures, problems, and what is going on.

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