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May 05, 2017 - 1 comment
We want your feedback! Dear Colleagues,

Easy English NEWS is your newspaper. We hope you can spare a few minutes to complete a feedback survey. Your input helps us shape our content for next year.

Thank you to the hundreds of teachers who have mailed the feedback surveys to us. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Click the link below for our 2017 feedback questionnaire. You can mail, email, or fax it back to us.

Elizabeth Claire and Adelaide Coles

Download the 2017 Easy English NEWS Feedback Questionnaire

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Betty Bujas on May 27, 2017

I am not a trained teacher. I am a retired RN by profession. I inherited the English Cafe at my church when the director of Christian Outreach left for another calling. It was a thriving group of women that I joined to help out the director. I loved being with these women who were trying so hard to assimilate into this society. And when there was no one else to take over the class I knew I was being called. Though our numbers have diminished because the Japanese women’s husbands were called back to Japan and some of the Chinese and Korean women found work when their children went to school, we still meet once a week. I love your paper because it brings up current items. We use it every week. I introduced the women to idiomatic expressions before we received the paper and they gleaned so much from that. I was so pleased to see that addressed in the paper. We cover the gamut of topics and nothing is off limits. They are a joy and are thrilled to be learning how to fit it. It’s amazing how well they are able to read but many times have no comprehension of what they have read. We take so much for granted when we do not know what others understanding is. We do not meet for the summer as the mothers like to take their children to many places for different experiences.We have 2 parties during the year, one at Christmas and one in June. They are held at my home so they can experience American life.

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