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Hi, welcome to our new website.

I’m excited about it, as we will be able to offer more support for English language learners and their teachers. We’ll be able to post audio samples, video shorts, and mini ESL lessons and teacher training in the future. There is also the ability to place your order for Easy English NEWS right at the website, which could not be done in the past. 

We can handle credit card purchases of any quantity of Easy English NEWS for one up to ten months. Digital Easy English NEWS is being considered for the future.

The website has been a long time in the making, designed and wired by our patient webmaster, Ian Townsend. Like anything that has 5,000 parts, even if we are 99.9% perfect, there will be a few items that aren’t. 

It would be very helpful if you send us feedback so we can become 100% user-friendly. The way to send feedback is to copy and paste the URL (the page address in the address bar) into your email to us, and tell us what the problem is.

If you have trouble ordering books or newspapers, please call our office 888-296-1090 to report that, and someone will gladly walk you through the process or take your order over the phone. 

The September issue of Easy English NEWS and its Teacher’s Guide will be going to press by or before August 18. It will be distributed by or before August 23, and arrive at your address by or before September 1. 

The September Cloze Exercises and Short Answer Tests will be posted by or before September 1. If you don’t receive your materials by our promised date, please call or email us to verify that we have your correct address, and that it has been sent. We can track the package and tell you who signed for it at your school. If your shipment of newspapers does not include a Teacher’s Guide, you can download one from this site at no cost. 

You can order copies of the September paper as late as September 20 to be sure to get them. We may even have some beyond that date. We print extras in order to be flexible for you. 

If you want to comment, just CLICK here to add your comments to this blog. 

Keep up your good work!

Elizabeth Claire

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